From drafting table to key handover, in less than a year: another market leader company placed its trust in Dryvit Profi

The well-known distributor company of cigarette lighters and additional tobacco products called FireLight Kft. assigned our company to design and implement a wholesale warehouse and office building.

The new premises is going to wait on its customers on 2800 m2 and it is going to provide an ambitious and high-standard workplace for the employees of the company.

Zoltán Ványi, Orsolya Faragó

We asked Zoltán Ványi, architect about the planning process:

The new warehouse and office department of FireLight Kft. was designed by our company and we are going to accomplish it as well. In such projects – where all processes are concentrated in one hand – future cardinal issues and questions of construction can come to the front already during the planning process.

In cases we obtain the plans from others these circumstances are figured out only during the particular construction.

We worked on this project in such a way that not only our designer team but our construction team could add standpoints of their own as well: it appears in the composition of the building,  in the functional relationships, in the structural items and also in the application of materials. This resulted a much more efficient and more flexible collaboration. Of course, this is also good for the client, because it can be sure that it will get what can be seen on the plans. Not to mention that at this early stage of the process the extent of the expenses can be determined more precisely, there will be less additional corrections, so at the beginning of the investment the client can see how much it will be.

During the design phase we tried to adapt all the needs of the client. It also has to be considered that the stored and traded goods are extremely hazardous in terms of fire service. I believe that all the needs of the client have been realized and FireLight Kft. is going to take over an aesthetic, lasting and premium warehouse from Dryvit Profi.

Architectural visualizations:

Architects: Zoltán Ványi and Ádám Gyöngyösi

General Project Manager: Attila Koroknai

Site Manager: Attila Keczán

Electrical Project Manager: Tamás Pál

Mechanical Project Manager: Zoltán Katona

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