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At the end of your tirp, is there a parking space waiting for you?

A study made in the European Union shows that drivers most often perform two trips a day, usually to their place of work and back. On average they park their vehicles fora duration of 6 hours after leaving their home and before they would return. On an ideal workday, your vehicle is waiting for you near your workplace. Your parking, just like your commute, is connected to your income generation. Over 90% of public land that is allocated for storing vehicles is occupied by cars, which means that parking itself can be an ever more important field of social responsibility for companies. Providing the right amount of allocated space for parking decreases the flow of traffic on public routes, the number and duration of drives with the sole purpose of finding a parking space, saves time and money to workers and decreases the number of accidents.

The Astron Multi-storey Carpark System is our answer to this challenge and to our modern society’s demand.

Efficient – Maximum usability with minimum materials used

During the development of the Astron Multi-storey Carpark System a key principal was functionality, not forgetting that the continuous rise of property prices keeps increasing the costs related to parking. This tendency became clear in recent years in Hungary as well. The lightest, or fashionably put, most lean structure minimises the volume of all the building elements that are not directly related to vehicle storage. Cumbered beams resulting in thin pillars mean more room for cars on the same floorspace. The use of composite slabs allows for smaller slab thickness, and more storeys to be built within the same building space. Even less than 23 m2 per car can be achieved.

Advanced – Designed and constructed by the use of the most up to date technologies.

The most advanced technologies and materials are used both in the design and during the production. High yield and tensile strength steel that has recently gained ground in construction, composite slabs and concrete with special additives provide our system characteristics that the traditional in situ concrete buildings do not have. In the design phase, using the most modern software and BIM modelling, the functionality of the building can be put to a test. The sense of space, size and alignment of parking spaces, visibility around corners can be easily kept under control. The façade, being independent from the primary structure is highly variable in terms of appearance making it a fairly easy task to fit the car park to any city’s landscape.

Quick – Extremely fast erection in just four months by Dryvit Profi

Increasing labour costs and the lack of skilled workforce make faster erection and higher level of prefabrication an ever more important factor. At this day and age, such advantages are not the only things to consider. In a busy neighbourhood the fast pace of a construction project involving the reconstruction of traffic junctions can make the community’s life much easier. In an industrial environment, building a multi storey car park over existing parking spaces in different phases, leaving at least some of the parking zones opened for business, might be a key to the feasibility of a project. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication the assembly is simpler than ever.

Cost efficient – There is an adequate solution to the widest variety of needs

The Astron Multi-storey Carpark System has been found to be the most suitable solution facing any kind of aspects of consideration throughout Europe. Our largest project won so far, the seven storey Lyon-Saint Exupery International Airport Car Park provides parking space for 2000 vehicles, while our smallest building for an Audi dealership in France holds only 66 cars. In between these extremities, Astron Multi Storey Car Parks have succeeded several times facing competition and under peculiar ways of comparison. While you are reading this, more than 10 000 cars park in the 44 buildings that are handed over. In Hungary this solution is brought to You by Dryvit Profi Kft.

Flexible – unique product characteristics give you the absolute freedom of function

The open space provided by the 16 m free spans makes it easy to meet customer requirements. It also guarantees the total liberty of parking bay alignment. Furthermore, the lack of intermittent propping ensures, that even if such requirements had changed, the building will remain equally efficient. For instance, in the off chance that SUVs would keep replacing regular sedans, and wider spaces are required, all that needs to be done is painting aisles with wider spaces. Similarly, when let’s say for some reason longer vehicles are to use the same place, than instead of perpendicular or bay parking angle parking can be introduced.

Environmentally sound – Recycled materials, low maintenance costs

Our car parks minimize their carbon footprint through eliminating most of the waste in the use of raw materials on and off site and through the extended lifetime of the building. Steel is currently the most recycled material on Earth. After 2018 more than 60% of the steel produced is made of recycled material, and this proportion keeps growing still. The use of hot dip galvanized primary structure instead of other coating chemicals, like base and cover painting, provides the customer with a building that requires lower maintenance and offers longer product life. Motion sensors and LED light sources along with smaller distances between the light source and the parking spaces end up in lower energy consumption compared to open parking lots. Snowfall management and de-icing costs and environmental harm originating from these also decrease to one third of the costs in case of open parking, or might even be eliminated with roofing to the top floor level.

Safe – Protection against accidents and unwanted environmental effects

The railing that is part of the Astron Multi Storey Car Park System is being installed immediately after the structural framework, but before the slabs. It protects the workers during construction, and following that the drivers and pedestrians and the building itself. No columns in between parking spaces ensure less dints and scratches on the second most valuable asset of a family, their car. Vehicles are protected by the building against severe weather affects such as hailstorms, wind, etc.

Risk free – a proven system from a supplier with unrivalled experience

When it comes to car parks, it is safe to say that the usability of a building is decided upon at the design phase. The number of realized projects around Europe is 44. Our customers can rely on our experience, the highly detailed and matured structure, and our elaborate knowledge related to vehicle parking. This is the unmatched set of skills and knowledge of Astron and Dryvit Profi Kft.

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