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Nowadays the issue of cost and space effective daily storage of vehicles requires growing attention and urgent solution from city councils, investors as well as property developers. A survey conducted in the European Union shows that on an average weekday drivers park for 6 hours on a given spot, taking up a major percentage of the valuable public space in the area.
A revolutionary new technology offers a solution: it is the Astron pre-fabricated steel multi-storey parking system.
In 2019 Dryvit Profi Kft started the introduction and marketing campaign of the system in Hungary.
A dedicated sales and marketing team has been selected for the campaign, and the result is that today there is ongoing preparation and design at 20 locations in order to create more than 3600 parking space countrywide.

András Sabathiel, Director of the Sales Department:

“Thanks to the possibility of pre-fabrication on a greater scale and the resulting cost savings in on-site assembly and the shorter than 6 months installation time, the feedback from the property developers is very positive. Following the preliminary negotiations at certain locations the projects have been clearly defined and preparations of tendering and construction process have started.

Because of the designer experience and the flexibility offered by the steel structure, we found solutions to every enquiry so far, solutions that are comparable and more cost efficient to the traditional building methods and technologies.

We are proud to offer a tailored service and quick and effective solution to our clients in response to parking issues, support in negotiations on the urban landscape, traffic and transport planning or in plot preparation.”



The visuals above have been prepared for our indicative offers. We offer buildings with various façade systems, fiber-reinforced, fireproof, durable, 3D printed front elevations and remotely controlled LED lighting with alternating colours. The building can have a different appearance at dawn or in the evening, lit by artificial light, even more local residents are able to decide and control the building colour.

Beside the basic parking function and connecting extras, today it is even more of an important factor of the appearance and finish of the façade of the building in a busy town centre location. Keeping an up to date register of the number of available parking spaces, modern, parking meters and payment booth with touch screen, car number plate recognition systems including foreign plates, person lifts, electric car charging points make the building a favourite for car drivers, however, a façade dreamt, designed and built in an aesthetically pleasing way adds value and pride for the whole city.


Galvanised, powder coated, cold rolled vertical sheeting customised to the client needs are very usable and cost-effective louvres and decorative elements even in case of lower height buildings.

Expanded net even stainless steel or galvanised and coated type is often used on the elevation of parking buildings.

Buildings from around the world:


András Sabathiel

Director of Sales Department

+36 (70) 679-2521


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