By popular demand the construction of Phase Two of Agora Office has been brought forward and starts in February

Our company has started the Agora Office project in the centre of Debrecen as our latest investment in the market. From the beginning, there was quite a huge market interest for the building located next to the city’s biggest public transport hub. By now, 30% of the first phase has been leased and by the end of the month we expect this to grow to 80%. We experience that potential tenants’ demand for office space is three times bigger than the capacity currently available, so in February 2020 we begin the second phase of the development, which will expand the office complex area to a total of 15,000 m2. Over a 1000 people will be able to work in the Agora Office at maximum utilization.

Our company is involved in the project not only as a general contractor, but also as manager and operator of the building – providing assurance to our renters a smooth and flexible contracting process as well as creating and maintaining a work environment that meets customer needs.

For the tenants we ensure that the leased area is available in the long-term in a highest quality possible. We maintain effective communication between the parties, the tenants, the owner and the operator. We introduce a landlord forum where tenants can openly discuss concerns, share their needs and feedback on the building operations and service.

Our goal is to provide long term solution for tenants on the highest quality level, while preserving the value of the building for decades.

Thanks to the office’s excellent location, all the services that employees may need to access during the day are within 300 meters. The Agora Office will be a green oasis in the heart of downtown Debrecen, with its environmentally friendly, energy efficient architectural design, electric car charging stations, bike changing rooms and showers, a snack bar and rooftop terraces.

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DP Global Service Kft and DP Leasing Kft are part of the DP Group beside Dryvit Profi Kft.

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