It’s not just another construction project, it’s an artistic creation – how we build the Learning Center in Debrecen

István Szép Jr., project manager:

“The Learning Center building cannot be classified as a standard building. And here I am thinking not only of the use of high-quality materials and technologies used, which clearly stand out from recent constructions currently underway, but also of the outstanding aesthetic demand to which the three parties, the investor and the designer and ourselves are committed.

Each momentum of the construction process of the building was a different, unusual challenge for me. It was a pleasure to work with my colleagues and together we worked out the solutions for the details that were complicated or not easy to implement.

I see that the building has inspired the people working on it since the very first moment, the work is much more of a creative process than a simple execution. It was a pleasure to experience that all partners and colleagues enjoyed and energized starting their work in the mornings.

I believe that the building already satisfies it, and by the time it is completed in all its elements, it will grasp the expectations that its dreamers have set for it. For us, by which I mean the partners and suppliers working on it, it has been inspiring during the implementation, and I hope that the finished building will have the same impact on all its users, lecturers, researchers and university students. ”

Józsa Patrik, construction manager:

“The Learning Center project was a real challenge in several ways. From the very beginning of the construction, we had to face numerous tasks to be solved, but as time and readiness progressed, the complexity of the situations increased.

The fact that we had to work in a very large area of ​​worksite, apart from doing work within a functioning university without causing any inconvenience or disturbing anyone – I mean even the people living in the villas here – also resulted in some headaches.

The complexity within the building was already evident during the construction. The curved parapets, the cylindrical auditorium, the sloping facade walls and pillars, and the reinforced concrete structures interspersed with steel girders all required very thorough and careful work. However, all of these were merely a fraction of the complexity of the architectural / interior-design of a very imposing and special building.

Every wall, every arch, every seat, the setting, editing and finishing of lamps or even ceilings presented us with another challenge, which, thanks to my skilled colleagues and our excellent subcontractors, we were fortunate to overcome without exception.

In my opinion, everyone has excelled in this project, from designers to colleagues to partners, and I think the result speaks for itself. ”

In the picture: ifj. István Szép, Patrik Józsa


Designer: Medmix Center Kft., István Bakó, managing director, senior designer, certified architect,

Architect: Béla Pecsenye, certified architect

Interior designer: B13 Építőművész Kft, István Bényei, interior designer, chief designer

General construction: Dryvit Profi Kft.

Project manager: Jr. István Szép

Project preparer: Mariann Szidon

Construction manager: Józsa Patrik, Szép Gábor

Electrical project manager: Attila Szász

Mechanical project manager: Zoltán Katona, Petar Divljak

Interior design works: O. Nagy Gábor

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