Uniqe architectural solutions, high precision – the Learning Center Debrecen is being built

A new, international standard community center, the Learning Center, is being implemented on the plot opposite the DEAC University Sports Center with the investment of the University of Debrecen and the construction of Dryvit Profi Kft.

About the project.

The special, triangular shape building, has e-learning, examination, lecture and training rooms, and an auditorium equipped with modern audiovisual technology for more than 250 people. In addition, the building will house offices and service spaces, a snack bar, as well as a gift and bookstore, and we will create a recreation park in front of the entrance.

Jr. István Szép, project manager:

The implementation is proceeding according to schedule. The construction of the second level is currently underway, the implementation of which requires special attention in several aspects. Due to the unique floor plan design, in some places the reinforced concrete formwork is curved in space along all three axes, and its preparation requires a high degree of precision from professionals. In addition, the definition of the construction order of reinforced concrete and steel supporting structures is unique, where the individual sections are built on top of each other. This requires great attention and close cooperation between professionals in order to achieve quality.

Design: Medmix Center Kft., István Bakó, CEO, Lead designer

Interior design: B13 Építőművész Kft, István Bényei, Lead designer

Project Leader: Jr. István Szép

Construction Manager: Patrik Józsa

Project preparation: Mariann Szidon

Electrical Project Leader: Attila Szász

Engineering Project Leader: Zoltán Katona, Divljak Petar

Interior Design Project Manager: Gábor O. Nagy

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