One week before the contracted deadline structures on Nagisz group’s new site are complete

This spring we started building a new livestock farm unit for the Nagisz group in Püspökladány. With this investment their current site is being expanded with a 6765 m2. The expansion will include 2 fattening buildings and their associated structures.

The structural work on the buildings is completed, finishes work and technology installations are in progress.

External utilities works are also finished, and road construction is started.

Milán Urbánkó, Architect – Porject manager, Hage-Invest Kft.:

“The investor set two deadlines for the construction company.  The partial deadline was for reaching structural completion, what the contractor managed to meet one week earlier.

The full project completion deadline is 31 January 2021., what can be expected to be met based on the momentum of the construction.

We are in daily contact with the colleagues at Dryvit Profi. This is the first joint project of the two companies, despite that everything is going smoothly nonetheless. The performance and attitude of the company is absolutely convincing. They pay attention to all the smallest possible details. They are constantly trying to support the implementation of project with preparedness, rationalization and maximum professionalism. We are satisfied with the quality of the buildings and structures completed so far.

Planner: Lajos Ludman

Project Leader: Zoltán Kiss

Construction Manager: Csaba Karika, Csaba Kovács

Project preparation: Anita Finta-Nagy

Engineering Project Leader: Gyula Szakállas

Electrical Project Leader: Zoltán Prekopcsák

Responsible Technical Leader: Csaba Papp

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