The new sport diagnostic center will satisfy all the requirements

A new sports diagnostic and therapeutic center with advanced diagnostic and medical services will be located at Nagyerdei Stadium in Debrecen. The special tools that will be used in the center require customised space design and careful attention during the construction. The Dryvit Profi Ltd. has been requested for this work.

The specialty of the contruction is a unique pressure sensor floor which will also be able to measure and develop athletes’ mental and physical speed.

The new sports diagnostic center will satisfy all your needs from strength assessment and medical care to physical therapy, all in a green, inspirational and high-quality environment.

Project Leader: Zoltán Nagy

Construction Manager: Mihály Balla

Electrical Project Leader: Attila Szász

Engineering Project Manager: Zoltán Katona

Project preparation: Anita Finta-Nagy

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In 2015 and 2017, we were awarded
a construction Master’s award
in Hajdú-Bihar

In 2017, we were awarded „the economic person of the Year in Debrecen” from our clients, partners and the general public.