The sweetest work of this year: the Szerencsi Bonbon Kft.’s new factory will be built by Dryvit Profi

The Szerencsi Bobnon Kft.’s sweet products are world-famous and since more than 100 years are carrying and enriching the fame of Hungary in the sweet industry.

The work that requires a great deal of expertise, dedication and experience guarantees the quality of “szerencsi”, which also needs a proper level of production environment.

The factory has three different sites now, and they want to centralize these into one center, where they can operate every work process in one place. We will expand the current 1220 m2 factory in Szerencs city. Dryvit Profi was chosen to the work from design to general construction. The new factory and wrapping plant will include a new store-house and several social blocks too. It willl be built next to the old castle of Szerencs, which is part of the World Heritage, this had to be taken into consideration when we were designing the factory. This will be the place where the old, traditional Hungarian sweet products can come to alive.

The logistic center will expand to a size of 3800 m2, where thanks to the reflective design the manufacturing process, storage, quality controll and logistic processes can be operated in one place in a cost and time-effective way. Astron prefabricated steel structure system is used to the building, wich can guarantee the deadline by our contract.

The construction starts in July and we will hand over the building by the end of this year, the production technology will be implemented after that.

Design: Zoltán Ványi

Design assistant: Barbara Pető

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