Time travel from the past to the future: showcase of our plans for the D-Loft Office Building (video)

The D-Loft Office Building is a result of the transformation of the old factory building of Magyar Gördülőcsapágy Művek, which creates a spacious, industrial, and at the same time dynamic working environment for its tenants, and evokes a loft atmosphere that is uncommon in the Debrecen office market.

The office building is being implemented with the investment and construction from Dryvit Profi Kft., and its primary goal is to strengthen the role of Debrecen as the regional centre of the area. In the complex, services are provided that support the development of the city and make it even more attractive to investors. Thanks to the free use of space, the huge building is able to provide small, medium and large enterprises with the necessary environment and conditions for their successful operation.

At the project launch event, László Bana, the managing director of Dryvit Profi Kft, invited the guests for a travel in time, with the help of the following clip:


“The D-Loft Office Building offers the highest level of accommodation for incoming international companies and beside creates an inspiring environment that catalyses small and medium-sized enterprises of Debrecen as well. Our goal is to create a small Silicon Valley.” – said László Bana.

The first phase of the project begins this year, which includes thousands of square meter of office space, an event centre, restaurant and other services, and the construction of a data center with a high level of technology background, totalling nearly on 20,000 square meters.

Thanks to the data center, we are able to guarantee exceptional data speed and high level of network security, not only for those working in the D-Loft Office Building, but also in Debrecen and the surrounding region. The data center will be TIER III certified.

“There is no data center of a similar standard within three hundred kilometres. So, if someone wants to use a service of this quality, it is worth coming here and concluding a contract here. And if you sign a contract here, you will probably open your office in this building as well,” emphasized Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa.


Services planned in the D-Loft Office Building:

  • Event center
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Confectionery, bakery
  • Gym, outdoor gym
  • Data center
  • Private parking around and inside the building
  • Modern, multifunctional community spaces
  • Green recreation area around the building
  • Car cinema
  • Playhouse
  • Daytime dog care
  • Reception
  • 24 hours security service
  • Entry card system
  • ATM
  • Bicycle storage
  • Changing room

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