Top service deserves a high quality industrial floor

The Tipp Autó’s site is expanding with a new 600 m2 modern fitting shop, in which a state-of-art industrial floor is made by Dryvit Profi.

Peter Illyés, owner, about  why he chose this technology:

“For me, flooring has always been a major issue in the workshops and auto salons. Easy cleanability, abrasion resistance, but also aesthetics are important. In the new workshop I wanted to develop the most up-to-date solution that is currently available.

A friend of mine drew my attention to the benefits of polished floors, so I started to search to learn more about it. When I find out that the firm, that uses this technology is one of our old partner, Dryvit Profi, then I knew that I’m going to choose this solution.

The team has been working on the floor for two weeks now and I am already very pleased with it. The work is fast and professional. The Technical Inspector also monitors the process and has acknowledged the quality.

The most important aspect for me was that the floor should be easy to clean, especially from oil. You can guarantee this with a polished floor.

Bright, abrasion resistant, aesthetically pleasing, non-slip, even when it’s wet.

It’s a one-time investment that guarantees a life-long solution.”

More about HTC Superfloor high-end industrial flooring:

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