We build an exceptional community center for the University of Debrecen, suitable for the highest demands

The project to build the Learning Center, the latest major investment by the University of Debrecen, has been launched. This community center building will be built to the latest international standards and will be unique not only from the outside but also from the inside.

The building is primarily designed for a growing number of students from different countries and for different faculties of the University of Debrecen. The primary consideration of the interior design was to make the facility a community building and create an atmosphere that promotes and strengthens communities. The dreamt interior and exterior integrate students of different nationalities into a large student body, taking into account the individual needs of each culture.

But not only they took cultural differences into account, thanks to the complex information system that facilitates internal orientation (tactical guiding lanes, multilingual information boards with Braille, smart control systems for the hearing impaired) the facility is optimized for students with physical disabilities and provide full accessibility and strengthens sense of equality.

In addition, the multifunctional learning center is designed to allow students to study individually in quite boxes or together forming smaller or larger groups. We create the e-learning, examination, lecture and training rooms, thanks to which the building will also serve as a venue for lectures and exams.

One of the special features of Debrecen’s unique triangular building is the circular central auditorium for 256 people, which will be equipped with the most modern audio-visual technology.

The Learning Center in Debrecen as a whole, and in particular the lounge in front of the entrance, the buffet, the lecture halls, the offices and the service areas, including a university gift and bookstore, will be of the highest standard, worthy of the University of Debrecen’s reputation.

Design: Medmix Center Kft., István Bakó, CEO, Lead designer

Interior design: B13 Építőművész Kft, István Bényei, Lead designer

Project Leader: Jr. István Szép

Construction Manager: Patrik Józsa

Project preparation: Mariann Szidon

Electrical Project Leader: Attila Szász

Engineering Project Leader: Zoltán Katona, Divljak Petar

Interior Design Project Manager: Gábor O. Nagy

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