We handed over a refrigerator production hall with the latest technology in Hungary

„We are here in a new building where was an empty field less than a year ago, and now we are producing wine coolers that will leave in a container for America on Monday. I would like to thank you to the builders and everyone involved in this implementation” – said Lars Knudsen, CEO of Vestfrost, at the handover ceremony.

The new warehouse (6000 m2) has been delivered for the Danish company to an accelerated programme in a very short time period, less than a year.

Thanks to this investment, the company will be able to increase its production by more than 300 percent and also the number of employees by another 93 over the next three years.

Tamás Bedő, the Mayor of Csongrád, also emphasized that this development has a huge impact on the city’s life, with Vestfrost becoming one of Csongrad’s most significant employers.

The construction of the new plant was carried out by Dryvit Profi Kft.

István Szép Jr., project manager from Dryvit Profi:

“The biggest challenge during the construction was that in the halls around the construction site the production work had to run undisturbed and continuously, so we had to organize all the construction processes to fulfil this requirement. I believe that this request from the Customer has been fully met. We have created a state-of-art perpetual industrial floor (HTC Superfloor, Bronze) in this imposing building. This technology guarantees a high level of antistatic feature, the floor resistance measurements made here showed almost unbelievably values, ​​below 10-6 at all points.”


The construction:


We would like to thank our partners for their work and contribution to this large scaled building and project.

Project Leader: Jr. István Szép

Construction Manager: Patrik Józsa

Electrical project manager: Lajos Csuka

HTC Superfloor technologist: Attila Pósán

Responsible Technical Leader: Csaba Papp

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