Planning, design and construction of prefabricated steel structure buildings from Dryvit Profi

Astron is the leading steel hall manufacturer in Europe. Their halls are utilised in different areas of industrial activities, retail and wholesale businesses, warehousing, logistics, sports and leisure. They have contracting partners in several European countries: In France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Poland, etc. These partners connect the tailor-made building solutions provided by Astron with the end users.

In Hungary, together with some other companies, Dryvit Profi Kft. represents the quality guaranteed by Astron.

Why is the astron building technology so extraordinary?

  • Tailor-made buildings
  • Best quality-price ratio
  • Short and fixed deadlines
  • State-of-the-art, complete systems
  • Optimal use of space
  • With a small number of interim columns, or without them
  • Tasteful appearance
  • Pleasant interiors
  • Low maintenance costs
  • ISO 9001 quality assurance certification
  • CE certificate
  • Energy efficiency – high thermal insulation values
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Reliability of a group of companies with long track-record
  • Special know-how in Europe

Wide range of use:

  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Offices
  • Sports
  • Leisure
  • Carpark
  • Hotel
  • Car dealerships
  • Agriculture

ASTRON’s manufacturing technology makes the building optimisation possible in accordance with your needs. The construction of the hangars considers the technologies you use, and the internal layout will be adjusted accordingly.





Logistic centrum

Office building

Sport and Leisure

Agriculture building


We can accurately calculate the construction costs of a warehouse in a few days for our customers, and we can prepare recommendations for architectural solutions on a tight schedule, thereby we are able to provide complete planning, design and assembly services as well as turnkey buildings.

Thanks to the Astron system there is no cutting, drilling or measuring on the construction site, these are done in the production hall, so the construction is quick and easy, and the on-site and labour costs are minimal.

Astron in numbers

  • 50 years of experience
  • 50 000 reference buildings
  • 50 000 000 sqm completed buildings
  • Almost 300 official builders
  • A network across 40 countries
  • 1 000 buildings a year
  • 1 000 employees

Astron References

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Astron Buildings technology

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Astron qualifications

ISO certificate
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CTICM-0153 certificate
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CTICM-0181 certificate
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ÉMI 1415 certificate
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CE certificate
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ÉMI 20 certificate
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Based on the qualification of Opten Ltd., our company is one of the most trusted players in business life.


In 2015 and 2017, we were awarded
a construction Master’s award
in Hajdú-Bihar

In 2017, we were awarded „the economic person of the Year in Debrecen” from our clients, partners and the general public.