Dryvit Profi Ltd. proves Its professionalism beyond the borders of Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar country

The Várda Market Shopping Park in Kisvárda was handed over at the beginning of September. The shopping center was realized as an investment by the Háda group of companies, with a total floor area of 3,200 square meters.

A shopping complex was a long-standing wish of the people living in the Kisvárda area, and we were pleased that our company, Dryvit Profi Kft., was able to realize this wish.

At the handover ceremony, Krisztián Lakatos, the managing director of Várda Market Kft., thanked Dryvit Profi Kft. for standing by despite the challenges of the difficult epidemiological and economic situation: “We continued the work regardless of the uncertainty due to Covid, and on July 1st, we contracted Dryvit from Debrecen for the construction. The investment began in September 2021 and thanks to the professionalism of the construction company, it was completed by the middle of this year. At that point, we handed over the structurally ready business premises to the tenants, each of them to design from the inside according to their own activities and image.”

After the handover, project manager Zoltán Nagy said: “I wish every Contractor such a Customer. The construction progressed as agreed, where we might have encountered an unexpected obstacle, we found a solution together with the technical inspectors and the investor. After regular cooperations and preliminary consultations, the construction was able to proceed according to the schedule, thanks to the supplier and subcontractor partners, in addition to the customer, and the coordinated cooperation of the colleagues involved in the project. Since most of the materials to be installed came from DP-Ker Kft., there were no complaints about the supply of materials either, all ordered products always arrived exactly and on time.”

Builder: Várda Market Ltd.

Designer: Gábor Peresztegi, PG Stúdió Ltd.

Project manager: Zoltán Nagy

Construction manager: Csaba Kovács

Project preparer: Levente Kun, Gergő Szolnok

Mechanical project manager: Gábor Lovas-Kiss

Electrical project manager: Tamás Pál

Road and utility construction: Vetési Levente

Architect responsible technical manager: Zoltán Nagy

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In 2017, we were awarded „the economic person of the Year in Debrecen” from our clients, partners and the general public.