We handed over the new car-body production hall of MOL’s subsidiary company: „Always on time, within the budget, with high quality”

The foundation stone of the new car-body production hall of MOL Magyarország’s subsidiary company, Inter Traction Electrics Kft has been laid last year’s fall, and after less than one year we officially handed over the building.

On the event György Kossa, Chief Executive Officer of ITK Group told, that the group is committed to sustainability, so they don’t just provide vehicles, but develope and implement complex transport systems with close collaboration with the university and vocational schools. The city of Debrecen was able to provide a suitable background for this activity, for which he thanked the city management. He also expressed special thanks tot he designers and the contractor, Dryvit Profi Kft. for beeing always on time, within the budget and providing a high quality, so this hall could fulfil.

Péter Ratatics, CEO of MOL Magyarország (owner of ITK) sees this production hall as a milestone, wich is a serious step towards series production, and this step will be followed by many more. They believe that the future can only be put through with a new vision, and dreams can be achived with relaible partners.

Dr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, Tibor Szilveszter, Director of Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, and László Mosóczi, Secretary of State for Transport Policy, also made a brief speech on the ceremony.

Project Leader: István Sebestyén

Construction Manager: Mihály Balla

Electrical Project Leader: Attila Szász

Engineering Project Leader: Petar Divljak

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