We have delivered the first phase of the Agora Office building and the second phase has already started

We handed over ceremoniously the first phase of the Agora Office Building in Debrecen and at the same time also laid the cornerstone of the second phase, the construction of which has already begun.

At the ceremony, Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor, emphasized that such investments make the city of Debrecen even more attractive for investors. In Hungary, Debrecen holds the second largest service center after the capital, with 4,500 employees in this sector, with an annual increase of 10 percent. The Agora Office is a high-quality office building that, thanks to its good location, will be able to serve its tenants with a wide range of services.

László Bana, the managing director of Dryvit Profi Kft., remembered that the company started with eight people 10 years ago, and by the end of this year it will have almost 160 employees. The Agora office complex is a significant milestone in the life of the company, which further expands our services.

This milestone is soon to be followed by a number of other large-scale projects, such as the opening of a new construction and commercial store, the DP Building Point, the creation of a unique data center in the region, DP Data, and the D-Loft Office Building, which will be realised in an old factory building for the Hungarian Rolling Bearing Works.

As the first tenants of the Agora Office building, Ferenc Vojtkó, the managing director of Easy-Debrecen, and Zsolt Ábrók, the managing director of DVSC Kézilabda Kft., greeted the event.

Following the handover, the foundation stone for the second phase of the Agora Office Building was laid. Gábor Krizsán, Head of Assets, Property and Facility Management of DP Global Service Kft., briefly presented the characteristics of the office buildings that can be rented from our group of companies and the opportunities and services they offer.

You can read more about Agora Office Building here: www.agorairodahaz.hu, about D-Loft Office Building here: www.d-loft.hu.

By now, 30% of the first phase of the Agora Office has been leased and there is a lot of interest for the remaining space. Complemented by the second development phase, the office complex is to offer a total of 11,000 m2. The Agora Office Building will be able to employ more than 1,000 people at maximum occupancy.

The investment was implemented within the DP Group as the development of DP Leasing Kft. and the construction of Dryvit Profi Kft.

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